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their losing streak . auburn was notine playing. there was a pick between lsu and mem mem. that is. a lot of time under water. and brian is here to help us out. thank you so much. buy . see you later. have a great show. do you usually leave women speechless. gretchen: good morning everyone . i hope you had a fantastic weekend. i am gretchen carlson. the final presidential debaturped way . and the focus is foreign policy. attacks are flying from all sides. >> steve: there is a damaging
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new report on what happened in libya. it is not the store store that the white house is pedaling. could the timing be worse for the president. >> brian: is it a fight he wants to have. the swing states swinging further in romny's case. what is he doing? what is the president doing to catch up? "fox and friends" starts right now. >> brian: this is the last time we have to stay up late 10:30 and sleep for 90 minutes. >> steve: tomorrow we'll be sleep deprived after watching late and short turn around . we are up for it it is our job. gretchen: yes. of course, we do. just a few hours from now. president obama and mitt romney will meet face to face
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in florida. the focus is foreign policy. john roberts. i am scared to see what your wake-up call. i went to bed later. we talk about the importance of the debates. it is important when you look at politico george tracking poll. all issues will be on the table. iran and libya and syria and china, and we have an idea of where mitt romney will go watching his running mate talking about president obama's cuts to the military in the sequestration and infamous open mike moment with the russian president.
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when you see your president whispering to the president of russia that he will have more flexibility on missile defense, it begs the question. how much more does he want to give away . he gave technology that would have been on line next year. look out of all of the areas where mitt romney and i are very different than barak obama ask joe biden. we'll not gut our military. we needed strongest military. >> steve: on the subject of libya. if you call it an act of terror, why did your united nations' ambassador say it was all about a video. if they know al-qaida is reconstituting yourself in northern africa . the suggestion that white house didn't want al-qaida
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strengthening and sought to deflect that. david axelrod conpletely rejected that notion . i think that is nonsense. it is a tragic event. he calls it an act of terror several times and asked for an investigation to get to the bottom of why it happened and bring those who committed the act of terror to justice. one report on libya. darryl issa was blasted for releasing sensitive state department cables about libya who mentioned a woman activity in libya that was doing work for the state department. it turns out that woman was invited by the united states and hosted by the state department and that visit was publicized on the internet it is no secret who she was.
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>> steve: apartnerly the romney side is ready for the president to say he killed bin laden. it is clearer that the administration really dropped the ball on a number of issues. gretchen: apparently the biggest one the drone . half way in the attack. the drone from the united states was sitting above and able to see in real time. the state department seemed to know moment by moment exactly what was happening. if that was going on, why was not more sent in. to save the four americans. >> brian: the state department admitted in a hearing they
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were able to view it in real time. cia, former cia commander and guest on our show. they stood and watch our people died. should someone be there to cramble forces there from italy. why was that not made and why would it take you two weeks to understand. if video ask track it in real time and get eyewitnesses on the hand. >> steve: we were warned by the ambassador there that you know, things are deteriorating. gretchen: on that day. >> steve: and tony in the green room, we had assets that were there that could have been there in no time. it was a hot topic on the sunday shows. here are senators graham and
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durbin on libya. this is going to be a case study of a break down of national security. famed presidential leadership. and senior leaders of the obama leadership failed misery. benghazi was beinging a death trap. british left red cross left because of security. we asked security because why wanted to normalize the relationship with a nonexistant government. we should have closed that long before september 11 and i put that on the president of the united states. it was a national security break down before and after and during the attack. santor graham and i were in a briefing two weeks in washington and secretary clinton and cia and others. they are engaged in a comprehensive investigation of what occurred here and that's what we have to have.
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>> brian: like what happened with the leaks? >> steve: and sounds like another one with iran? >> brian: that was walked back by the white house. they had a source that said iran is ready to talk one on one with us. and james clapper is on record as the national intelligence director saying it was a terrorist attack but said in 24 hours it was a spontanous attack and shared it with the white house. >> steve: you can't have it both days. gretchen: to me after hearing all of this from either side and who released what documents. we need to think about in my mind, the last final hours of our ambassador . onering and asking for security and not getting it. imagine the fear that this man had and the other thing who tried to defepped his life .
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knowing he asked for security and none is having it come this way. these four lives. how many hours sitting there wondering is somebody going to come and help me snimpt if you put a specials teem. have you seen our guys and watched black hawk down when our guys didn't the proper back up. how many guys are our special fores able to take out before likewising their lives >> steve: the president will have a lot to explaining to do. last week rather than sit down with bile oriley and bret baier on things he sat down with jon stewart where he said the death of four americans was not optimal tonight he will go up to jay leno.
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>> brian: this is the time to walk back fun shows. letterman said what about the dead. he didn't have a round up figure on letterman about the dead. and indicated the video had something to do with the attack. it leads to a president uncare unfamiliar with the philosophy. >> steve: and on 60 minutes he referred to deaths as bumps in the road. don't be surprized if he shows up on the food net work. when he is not on the teleprompter who knows. gretchen: i think he called on the jon stewart show not optimal. that is risky territory. you are mixing comedy with serious news and how do you cross that fine line there? let us know what your questions would be there tonight if you had a chance to ask either of these
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candidates. in the mean time, the rest of the head lines and brand new audio claims that the al-qaida number two in yemen is alive. they say the government is lying about the death of sahead al sharid. the recording cannot be verified. police looking to see what a football fan fell off of the stands. he is in critical condition after leaving the giants-red skins game. three women are dead in a spa. ratcliff hawton walked in the salon in milwaukee and started shooting. police locked down the mall and country club.
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they erentually found his body in a locked room. it unclear if his wife was one of the victims. lance armstrong expect tod find out whether he will be scrubbed from the record books. they are about to announce what will happen to lance's 7 tour de france titles. this after charges he used performance enhancing drugs. armstrong is maintaining his innocence. >> brian: botched response of libya, and now democrats say republicans are reckless for asking questions. chaffetz is here to respond >> steve: here's what not to do when the cops are coming after you. we'll be right back. . hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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republicans are running in to resistance from debbie wasserman-shultwhere. we have a focus on libya. what is troubling, george, for publicication . darryl issa releases 166 pages of sensitive department pages. he co-signed that letter. the republicans are relishing the attack on the united states that we know that the president deemed the terror attacks. >> brian: here is the reaction of being called chaffetz. so are you being reckless or doing your job? we are doing our job. it is irresponsible to say we
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have an election. we have four dead americans in benghazi. and we have to do this immediately. >> brian: did you ecpose a name that was ex-- no. every document is unclassified and stamped on that in front of it it was president obama and hard-hitting interview with jon stewart that said as information becomes available we release to the american people mr. #2: what is the drone scramble to bring live action video of the attack in benghazi, did you know that to be the case? i comment on classified information which i am not supposed to do. in testimony before the house oversight committee we heard from lamb that there was a 50 minute video. we believe we should see that in a classified or
3:18 am
unclassified setting. they witness this in real-time. people knew what was going down. it didn't need to be sorted out. >> brian: congressman, what is the greatest concern. a sense that this is it happening else where and there are disconnects between the state and intelligence and the white house? april 2012 our facility in benghazi was bombed. and july 2012 our facility was bombed. two terrorist activities, and after that the security was diminished. is that happening in other parts of the world and mr. president, why are you and the vice president and secretary of state is not proactive and. doing to protect the places. >> brian: essentially how dare you act like i am not taking
3:19 am
it seriously. i know these americans are my penalty. what is your answer to that? mr. president, our facility was bombed twice and you reduced the security. if darryl issa done lead the charge and myself and tray goudy than others . if we didn't press the envelope would we know this? we were led to believe it was a video that went awry. >> brian: you expect governor romny will go after this? no. i think mitt romney will talk about we are under attack and we have to deal with terrorism seriously and through that will create more peace in the world. the idea of normalization that creates problems and why we have four dead americans. >> brian: he's standing in
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front of the hall where the whole world will be watching. 60 million plus. thank you, for being with us. >> brian:. >> brian: think you have a bad neighbor. chucking eggs and burning grass and throwing rocks through car windows. ♪ snote no where to run. snote no where to hide. this happy couple used capital one venture miles
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>> steve: to the head lines. clashes in berut leaving couple of people are dead. the fight sparked on friday
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when a top security official was aa sassinating in a car bombing. people celebrating in st. petersburg square. as the pope canonized six people. we ended the war in iraq and focused attention on those who attacked us on 9/11. we went after al-qaida's leadership and osama bin laden is dead. the president started with an tour and this strategy is unraveling. gretchen: up until libya foreign policy was supposed to be the strong suit for the president. but has that changed now. we'll have the author of the book divider of chief and
3:25 am
dennis calenger. good morning to both of you. dennis starting with you. is it true that president obama up until libya would have won the foreign policy debate against mitt romney. >> certainly confusion of libya is causing a distraction of not only killing osama bin laden but taking down most leadership. the dispute over libya is not whether or not it was a terrorist attack or planned or unplanned attack. mitt romney only wants to touch on that issue. he need toz talk about the economy. the economy ised underpinning . military street. make your point and get back to jobs. this president has done a good
3:26 am
job and most people believe that. gretchen: kate, we heard dennis call it a distraction. you look mystified. that is shocking. it is a bump in the road. benghazi will be hit hard by mitt romney and the lack of security and then the cover up. the cover up all to cover up the implosion of the president's overall foreign policy strategy. the notion that by his sheer force of personality he will get terrorist to work with him. we have seen the rise of al-qaida and not on the run around the world. dennis, can he really say. it was interesting, that president obama said al-qaida was on the run and went back to saying that. let's be clear. this president not only gave
3:27 am
the green light to the military and our intelligence after years of work and hard work and very tough work to find osama bin laden. and not only did he green light getting him and without telling or anybody else he was going to do it. and green lighted them fighting their way out. that is not leadingly from behind. >> to be clear that was leadership and if the election would have been after that it waso no brainer. now we have a libya situation. you also have a president that is skipping majority of the security briefings. and the day after and not meeting with our allies and leaders in the un meeting and blowing off netanyahu and talking to president of the russia saying he would have more flexibility. you sea the weakness. and the result is that.
3:28 am
it is a preview of what we will see tonight. is, i have to wrap it up there. i am out of time. while you were sleeping terror plot number two busted. wolehave the details next. and here's what not to do in a middle of a police chase. happy birthday to toby mack . ♪ [ female announcer ] you can always measure the growth of your children by the way they clean themselves in the bathroom. try charmin ultra strong. with a new duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong helps you get clean. plus it's four times stronger than the leading value brand. and you can use up to four times less.
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gretchen: welcome back everyone. i was not here on friday. i was gone for a good cause in orlando for the march of dime conference. i was able to host that. and look who is in the picture with me. >> steve: your partners. no that is arnold palmer. and the other photodr. jennifer house arnold palmer was honored with 40 years of service and champion for baby's award. his father had polio which was the original intent of the march of dimes. and jonas salk found a cure
3:33 am
for the vaxine mr. palmer served as honorary chare of the march of dimes and a huge supporter he tarted a children's hospital in orlando. >> brian: wow. gretchen: he was honored thursday night in the big award's ceremony and honor for me to meet arnold palmer. i did 23 years ago as miss america. he was my dad's idol and wonderful to see him. >> brian: arnold palmer said i am an lite lite and likes to endorse products. he started the whole thing. >> steve: and a major terrorist plot dubbed 9/11 two foiled this morning. al-qaida suspects arrested for plotting to blow up shopping and hotels as well. >> brian: kelly is in washington with the details. it is to put out here.
3:34 am
jordan is a key u.s. ally in the middle east and israel peace partner and has been targeted before. the latest plot was more ambitious in the planning. jordan suspect had weapons aimed at inflicting the heaviest losses possible. the suspects are mill at that points and considered lengths to al-qaida and unclear to how close the militants were to carrying out the attacks. plot included anassinating western diplomats and shopping malls and cafes. and other areas where people from the west gather in aman. militants were arm ready with explosives and mortars and rifles. militants with ties to al-qaida carried out a terror attack and killing the u.s. ambassador and three others
3:35 am
there. it was praised by the al-qaida leader who issued a call for more direct action. jordan's department outlined the intricate plot that the suspects planned to set off two decoy explosion before setting off a series of militia attacks and suicide bombers in the final phase they were to attack diplomatic missions . one question that arises from all of this is asked about the foiled plot in jordan, whether the operation was in the planning stages before benghazi. they began to start in june and smuggle in weapons from neighboring syria into jordan. this was a good stop. >> brian: look at where we are
3:36 am
in the campaign and amazing how close it is. the final debate and no indication that debate number two had affect on the rolls . rasmussen is similar to the gall up. mitt romney is up by two and gall up had them at a tie . >> steve: the rolling average looks like all after the second debate. if you look at the swing state tracking poll. mr. romney is leading president obama by four. spread 50 for mitt romney and 46 for obama. look at florida. romny is up by five and in ohio. this is the only swing state where the president is in the lead. 49-48. very tight there. and going to virginia mitt romney up by three.
3:37 am
50-47 percent. >> steve: a poll came out over from gravis marketing. they took a look at what is going on in the great state of ohio, they show it is it a tie between mitt romney and president obama. in ohio, when it comes to the independents, mitt romney is leading with independents in ohio by 19 points. that's good news for him. >> brian: president's lead with women and good news for men. how do you think this will play out in the debate. you do samantha. gretchen: for a woman. i would romney and obama what they would do to fix security issues. i guess she means libya. >> brian: you do tom. >> steve: i was born in iwampt
3:38 am
where exactly do you draw the line with iran and what would be your course of action as they step over it as they appear to be what they do. >> brian: my mom, according to reports, florida is where jean talks to us if the president declared it an act of terror on september 12th, why would the white house spepped taxpayer dollars to apologize for terrorist. why apologize to terrorist? the producer of the video still is in jail. i don't think normally he would be. >> steve: he was doing just fine until suddenly, aren't you that guy? come on with us. they showed up for a party and left in an ambulance. 50 people were hurt when the floor collapsed and plunged
3:39 am
from a second floor apartment to a clubhouse below. a woman saw bloody and injured people piled on top of each other. most of the injuries prains and broke know bones as you can imagine. >> brian: taxpayers shelled out money to save his company. and now he wants a pat on the back. ceo said they fail would to say thank you after he repaid. >> steve: here is his quote. >> brian: by goal, those aig people made a promise and the feds are making a profit on top of everything. and god bless america and god bless aig. the president could take a bow on that. he bailed them out. gretchen: this will make your heart stop. the driver of the car trying to escape the police.
3:40 am
he busted off of the wind shield and walked away. no word on what happened to the driver. >> steve: we did see his video. think you have a bad neighbor? this guy was busted chucking eggs and burning grass and throwing rocks in car windows. cops arresteded him for criminal mischief because he harassed his neighborhood for more than a year . thanks to surveliance photos, they were able to catch him mr. #2: he started it minutes before the top of the hour. what a great weekend it was especially for the vikings. what a crucial play off of the pittsburg steelers. five key players, without five key players and two touch touches in the first half. and in the end it was big ben pulled out his first road win
3:41 am
of the season. and new york giants eli manning trailing by three. i think this guy victor cruz is open. and hooks up for a 77 yard strike. red skins lose. robert was fantastic. and best come back of the day goes ted saints. close game to the bucks. they held on for the second straight win . that score. 35-28. and here is a salute. adrian petersen of the vikings ran for are uponing yards for the touch. and what a surprise teem they have turned out to be. patriots, mark sanchez never saw rob coming. that field goal was enough in over time. sanchez had to score a touch touch and tie it up. sanchez had to score a touch touch. and when he fumbled the ball
3:42 am
on this sack it would be over. sorry, joe, they played well but not enough to win over new england. they lead the afc with a 4-3 record. gretchen: thank you very much. you got a lot in. mitt romney's plan to fix our money problems. democrats say the math doesn't add up. is that true. stewart varney crunching the numbers, next. it is the worst disguise ever. this crook thought he would get away dressed like that. who is he trying to be? who is he trying to fool? ♪ start with nothing, build a ground-breaking car. good. now build a time machine. go here,
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>> steve: kennedy cousip michael scael has his first parole hearing. the 52 year old nefew has been behind bars for a decade . he was convicted of beating his neighbor to death with a golf club back in 1975. that is not a halloween costume. a guy in washington died his hair to try to impersonate a man after stealing his identity. he tried to get a debit card. they called the cops. >> brian: i was nolt fooled either buyer the rared. >> steve: governor's plan for fixing the deficit. gretchen: democrats claim that the math does not add up. here is stewart varney. hello, gretchen and brian. this is brand new in addition
3:47 am
to the romny economic plan going forward. he would tap the total dollar amount of deductions that you are allowed to take. the argument is romny is not specific . will he cap mortage and charitable deductions? his answer is to cap them all. give a total dollar value. including mort depadge and charitable and any way you want to slice it dollar maximum deduction in front of you. gretchen: argument is all right. you go through the deductions and it doesn't bring in enough money to off set the decreases. that is the other side of the argument. i can't calculate the money brought in because we don't know the dollar amount of the deductions . putting that on the screen for
3:48 am
a second. i will get it. look on the bottom of the screen. i have gotten rid of that. ask you ye shall receive. two bottom lines. million and half and average deduction 173,000 and making more than 10 million four million. mitt romney would cap that and probably lower than 170,000. and the rich get hit and pay more more in taxtaxs and wouldn't hurt. gretchen: wait a minute, the rich get hit. that is not the message. he would reduce rates for everybody. middle class people get a tax rate cut and they get less deductions that's the plan. it is not publicized much receiptly just coming on stream. that makes a defense to the
3:49 am
economic debate. >> brian: you want to hear this on varney and company. thank you. gretchen: our next guest studied al-qaida in the middle east and said it is worse and not better than four years ago. >> brian: a massive marlin jumps on board with the fisherman. it was every man for himself . gretchen: just like sea world where i was yesterday. except they were dolphins. ♪
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3:53 am
welcome back. four years ago president obama made a promise between the new gingbetween the united states and middle east. i have come to cairo to seek a new beginning. one basod mutual interest and respect. i consider it my responsibility as president of the united states to fight against negative stereo types of islam. >> steve: with foreign policy being the topic of the debate. is the middle east better off now than it was four years ago. the panth ther came out and a former platoon. nelson great to have you. thank you. >> steve: i know you have done a lot of research . are thing middle east better than four years ago. they are not optimal.
3:54 am
>> steve: funny. you can see the arab spring. it is unraveling. it is untable region and there was a period of stability. we had friends over there mubarak in egypt. but it has gotten worse and tell get worse than that? >> steve: it is unfortunate. we have a map showing where the hot spots for terror are in the middle east. what is interesting nelson. the associated press al-qaida doubled numbers in iraq. they estimated 1,000 back then and now 2500. >> steve: yes. that is al-qaida. and another group call would al-qaida in the arabian peninsula. when i tarted the research on this group they were small and located in the hills of yemen
3:55 am
now they are in open revolt against the government. this is where the uss cole was bombed in 2000. we have almost no presence in yemen. if it a terrorist state the way stan stan did they would export terrorism. and this is one of the hot spots of the middle east. >> steve: we think we have a great big atlantic and pacific but what happened in stan stan could happen anywhere and they can export it. the oceans don't protect us. that stopped after world war ii. and tonight, talk about tonight, it is a foreign policy debate. the debate forum is not the best place to discuss foreign policy. they will atake each other. romny has the advantage he has four years of obama foreign
3:56 am
policy to attack. obama attack rumny because he doesn't are one. the advantage goes to the challenger. >> steve: really? given the fact that everyone talk would about libya, you could be right. nelson demille check out his book, it is call would the ther. thank you. >> steve: democratic darling sandra fluke hosted her first campaign, vent on behalf of president obama. it didn't go as planned. a foreign policy crisis on his hands, the president plans a trip to jay leno. are you kidding me? we'll talk to donald trump about that when he calls up in four minutes . ♪
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4:00 am
>> good morning. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your timuous and foreign policy. has been mitt romney get ahead in an area considered a strong point for president obama? >> i have a question. over what really happened in libya. and the election two weeks away. a big announcement for the president. he's going on jay leno. [applause] >> and the crowd roars. what's so funny, mr. president? donald trump will be here to react to that decision to go on the late night show. >> and these marlin fishermen. they won't be telling the story about the one who got away.
4:01 am
look at that! now that's a fish out of water. >> and he's got a toward on his >> "fox and friends," hour two, starts receipt now! >> wow, i can't believe it. the last pregame show before the big debate. the unscripted portion of this elected season, and it's been more than -- it's on lived up to the hype we put into it. >> they have been game changers. >> looking forward to it tonight and then it's two weeks until election day. >> bob schaefer right there and two people at the table. will they be as rude to each other? >> they won't be able to pace back and forth and come to fist and cuffs. >> well, they can. >> but they are going to have to turnaround and face each other, and they are so close. i'm wondering if it's going to be like leiberman-cheney or like biden-ryan? >> that's a good point because
4:02 am
boyden was able to do a lot of interrupting there in his chair. >> and we will find out if he's scrubbed from the record books. they will announce what will happen to lance armstrong's four tour de france titles after being band from the anti-doping agency. this after the allegation he used performance-enhancing drugs. armstrong continues to maintain his innocence. he went on a shooting spree in wisconsin leaving three dead and then turn the gun on himself. he walked into the salon in milwaukee, started shooting. three women were killed, four other hurt. police locked down a local mall while looking for him and then found his body in a locked room in the spa. they say it was a domestic dispute between him and his wife who worked at the salon but it's still unclear whether she was one of the victim. >> and a fan fell 20 feet off an
4:03 am
escalator after the giants game last night. they say he came crashing down on a metal stage. >> and 50 years ago we learned we were on the verge of a war with cuba. >> this government as pomsed has maintained the closest surveil effortsens of the soviet military buildup on the island of cuba. >> in 1962 president kennedy told the u.s. about the u cuban missile crisis. the crisis ended after 13 days with russia agreeing to remove missiles from cuba and the u.s. agreeing to remove missiles from turkey. and those are your headlines right now. >> there's been a few movies on that too, i think. >> just a couple. mean while we are just hours away from president obama and mitt romney sitting there at that desk for their third and
4:04 am
final face-off. the face-off tonight at in boca raton, florida. >> and speaking of sparks, that's a spark on our show. he's live in boca raton. set the stable for us. >> let's hope one of the candidates doesn't flip the table over and start pacing around the stage. when it comes to active foreign policy experience, there's no question president obama has the edge so gov. romney will try to bridge that experience gap by talking about vision, america exceptionalism, and by making foreign policy an economic issue say you can't with a strong foreign policy or military without a strong economy where you many get your respect in the world n colorado springs yesterday his running mate accused president obama of projecting weakness. >> our adversaries when they see us projecting weakness, when
4:05 am
they see us equivocating when it comes team to stand up for our beliefs and values overseas, they think we are a superpower in decline. they think we are weakening and if we are weakening ourselves, we're less safe. >> and president obama will try to portray the governor as a novice on the foreign policy, all wrong on the issues. and on his last triple say he ticked off our closest ally. and there's a new adams out that gov. romney would rather keep the wars going in iraq and afghanistan than reap the benefits from peace. >> obama has brought 30,000 soldiers back from afghanistan. he -- romney calls it his biggest mistake. >> they say it's time to stop spinning money there and use the money in america but the president also like to stay on the campaign trail we put two
4:06 am
wars on a credit card. so in point of fact, there is no money unless we borrow more of it. guys. >> john roberts at the university. thank you very much. and quick before we bring in donald trump. we've just gotten this as a fox news alert. lance armstrong, as expected, did lose all seven of the tour de france titles. they just announced. >> donald trump joining us live as he does every monday morning. dodged quite a fall from grace for lance armstrong, right? >> amazing. and in the end he falls. he was fighting it and in the end he stopped. a lot of people against him, a lot of people saying things. he could have attributed it to jealousy or whatever. once he gave up, it was over. he came tumbling down and it's a very sad situation for lance. too bad," but he stopped fighting. and once he did that, it was over. >> either admit to it or fight it is what you are saying, correct? >> i used to tweet, lance, what
4:07 am
happened, you stopped fighting. it was over. once he stopped fighting, it was over. like this country. this country stops fighting and we around doing so well. >> let's talk about the fight that will be tonight between president obama and candidate mitt romney on foreign policy. do you think they should both be aggressive like the last time around during the second debate or should they settle down and not be so confrontational? i guess the setting in and of itself will make it a little less confrontation natural. it's going to be a desk with two chairs. we are looking live. >> mitt romney should be very, very aggressive because the target is so easy. this is the worst foreign policy in history. you look at his middle east. i got a kick before when they said he's the most experienced, meaning president obama. it's the worst foreign policy in history. we spent is 11 .$5 trillion in iraq and iraq is going to hell and they all hate is. not to mention the lives we've
4:08 am
lost. the money we've spent, the lives we lost in the middle east, it is the greatest disaster we've ever had. so i would be, if i were mitt romney, be very aggressive because maybe obama wouldn't even answer. pubes i believe. if he did the right thing he wouldn't even respond. >> there's nothing he can respond to. it's a total disaster. and if the press covered it correctly, and they keep saying he's so experienced. yeah, he's experienced but everything he's done is wrong. >> he's going to be able to say i ordered the hit on bin laden. but in the meantime, you are right, sierra, iran, iraq -- >> well, he didn't get it -- fellows and folks, the military got bin laden. he said okay. now who else wouldn't do that? when they come and till they have bin laden, he had a choice. he could say don't get them, which i don't think anybody would say, or get him. and by the way, the seals, from what everything i read, they cannot stand the president because he grandstanded so much about bin laden.
4:09 am
but he didn't get him. he had as much to do with that than you did. >> but tactics, and when he thought he was off a mic by saying i will have a lot of leeway in my second term. do you bring up the fact he was ripping netanyahu to sarkozy? do you think those things are important? >> my many jewish friends who support him, i look at them and say are you intelligent, people? he's been so anti-israel. and i don't get our people who are jewish are supporting obama. i just don't get it. as far as the thing with russia, it was more stupid than anything else to have the mic on. business is business, you talk a certain way, and it showed a certain inclination certainly, but how do you do that when you have a mic on? it was stupid. >> do you think it was a passing comment? a lot of people have taken it very seriously as if to say once i'm re-elected i can do whatever i want? that made a lot of people nervous. >> it wasn't a positive thing,
4:10 am
but to leave the mic on, in my opinion, look, he talked, he thought the mic was on. when he did it, i don't know what he was thinking, but this is our president. this is him. >> and our president is going on the "tonight show" tonight with jay leno. two weeks, i should say. tonight he has a gig. two weeks until the election is done. millions out of work. so many things in the balance. the middle east in blames. do you think this is a good decision? >> nobody treats him better than nbc, and i love nbc, they are my network, that's where we have the apprentice and that's where we have been successful so i love nbc, but nobody treats him better than nbc. you could say yes but david letterman is not going to be happy and other people won't be happy because that's the way the competitive juices work. so probably not. i can't imagine david letterman being happy at all. it will be interesting to watch. >> you know what, donald, the problem, and people say it's such a lay-up, him sitting down next to jay leno, but he sat down with jon stewart last week
4:11 am
and he said not optimal, pairing something. >> not a good statement. not good. >> yeah. so the bar is high. and there are many pit falls to sitting there and trying to be funny. >> well, it's very possible he will make a mistake. i mean, if he makes a mistake, that's bad. i think it will be an extremely soft interview, very soft, and i'm sure they already have that understanding, frankly. but is it a mistake? i think it's more of a mistake because everyone else on television is going to be angry that he's doing it. >> that's an interesting perspective because a lot of people think he's doing it because he's look for the people who don't really pay attention to the news on a daily basis. so they will just see him as being more of the cool president that a lot of people thought of him four years ago. >> i won rate it a mistake. he's going to go on and he's going to hopefully do well for himself and con the people into another four years, which is not what we do. >> he bombs on letterman when he didn't know the deficit. he also said he didn't know what happened in libya. and on jon stewart he looked
4:12 am
detach when trying to be funny. and i think it's a huge risk. >> he bombs all the time but most of the time it's not reported. he bombs all the time. we have a bombing president. >> before you go, we have sources, donald, who tell us that you have a large -- a gigantic announcement this week. >> i do. >> what is if. >> it's going to be announced on wednesday but i have something very, very big concerning the president of the united states. >> give us a hint. >> i won't do that. >> just a little hint. >> i won't do that but i will tuck to you probably on wednesday. that's probably when i'm going to announce what i announce. i announced it on the real donald trump and i announced it sometime wednesday and it will be very big. i know one thing, you will cover it in a very big fashion. >> will it change the election? >> possibly. >> is it personal or is it how he governs? >> it's all in one.
4:13 am
everything. it's very big. >> okay. >> beggar than anybody would know. >> so the announcement@realdonalddump. and you will be back on wednesday? >> i will be back. >> thank you all. >> all right. coming up on fox and friends, the white house story on libya changing day-by-day. is the administration putting american politics over our best interests overseas? >> and the next story you have to see to believe. a marlin said i'm tired of the hook in my mouth. i'm going to take you out with me. what does he do with that sword? >> a sword fight! [ owner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better.
4:14 am
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4:16 am
>> despite criticism, they
4:17 am
continue to tout the president's foreign policy. >> the president has been a strong and steady leader. we have responsibly ended the war in iraq, we are going to end the war in afghanistan. al-qaeda is a shadow of its former sufficient. and we've now put enough pressure on iran with the cangs regime so they won't develop a nuclear weapon that they want to set down and talk. these are all positive developments moving us toward a more table nation, a more stable world when we faced threats of terrorism every direction. >> but as more details emerge over security concerns in and around the region, isn't it proof the president's strategy unraveling? joining us issen durbin. >> are you guys happy? he says he is inning the war. >> we want to see the wars
4:18 am
gleeted successfully. i saw the campaign commercial that was showed a couple segments beforehand where the president is touting ending the war just like dick durbin did. we want to defeat the enemy. that's the litmus test. as we truly set the taliban back march enough so the afghan army can take over? have we truly created stable environment in iraq so our interests are not threatened? that's what we want to know. just the talking point of ending wars doesn't mean the enemy has been defeated. so you hear a lot of rhetoric and very few results. the record is thin. when you dig below the surface you see more and more unrest is coming out and libya is a perfect example of that. al-qaeda is not gone. they might be on the run. they are on the run to our consulates and embassies pause they smell weakness. >> rate. aim going and you this statement. when the president said i ended the war in iraq responsibly, for a guy who served in iraq and afghanistan, what do you say? >> i say it wasn't ended
4:19 am
responsibly. he ended it because he had a campaign promise that said he would end it. we never signed a status of forces agreement in iraq, which would have allowed us to continue to influence the outcome there. instead prime minister maliki has hedged closer and closer to iran and in doing so further and further away from our interests. and after all the blood and all the money and all the sacrifice which, you know, we honor, to just give it away for a campaign promise shows the shallow nature of that foreign policy. >> so you would like to see mitt romney take him on in that area? >> yeah, take him on. it doesn't mean mitt romney -- they are going to accuse mitt romney of wanting more war. he wants to go back to iraq and double down in afghanistan. that's not the case. take him to task for the outcome. take him to task for the reality on the ground. the difference between egypt and syria. so we undermine an ally in egypt that for 40 years recognizes israel and then we don't do anything with syria, and the assad regime that's a satellite state of iran, we leave arack but in iran we have sanctions
4:20 am
but aren't willing to hold a red line to get a nuclear weapon to take on iran. it's inconsistent. and oh, by the way, our economy is not improve so that will undermine our strength. >> thank you. good luck on your tour. >> thank, brian. >> dead or alive, you can still get food stamps. how bad the entitlements have become. >> and does it make the difference as it did for ronald reagan and when he answered this way? >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponents youth and inexperience. [laughter] i've worked hard to build my family.
4:21 am
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and go to for a free trial offer.
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4:24 am
>> time for your news by the numbers on this monday morning. first, 2,000. that's about how many dead people are still receiving food stamps in new york and massachusetts. 2,000. a report by the usda, the department of agriculture, uncovered the massive errors. and next 88. that's the percentage of they say vets are concerned for the war. and $182 billion. that's how much tax pays are she would out to save aig. now the ceo of aig said the company wants a pat on the back. he say the feds failed to say thanks after his company repaid the largest government bailout in history. by the way, buddy, you're welcome for the money. and mitt romney and
4:25 am
president obama work on ways to make the race in their favor. it happened before, races flipped upside down on the final days because of debates. here's a look at those crucial moment, brett o'donnell. good it see you, brett. >> good to be with you. >> let's look back 1994, reagan versus carter. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. [laughter] >> still funny all these years later and a game changer, correct? >> absolutely. your own bob beckel would say he few in that one line that the election was over. in the first debate ronald reagan had looked a little old, looked like he had lost a step. and he came back in the second debate and that one line proved
4:26 am
that he was on his game and that he was capable of handling a second term. >> a little bit more recent in history, back to 2004, kerry versus bush. >> i can't tell you how much i love my wife and my daughters. when i asked laura to marry me, she said fine, just so long as i never have to give a speech. i said okay, you got a deal. fortunately she didn't hold me to that deal. >> the president and you and i are three examples of lucky people who married up. and some would say maybe me more so than others. but i can take it. >> so what was wrong with that for john kerry? >> that was the last question of the last debate. by bob sceiefer. who moderating tonight.
4:27 am
and kerry describing his wife as a supplier o cash and bush, and bush looked more human. it was a very telling moment, a very good window into the lives of both men. >> very interesting. let go back to 1976. and here we have gerald ford and his infamous eastern europe moment. >> there is no soviet domination of eastern europe, and there never will be under a ford administration. >> what was wrong with that? >> it showed, you know, coming out of -- going into this debate, president ford had taken a good amount of heat for barred dong richard nixon. he was down in the polls, and there was also this perception that he really wasn't up to the task of being president. and that one comment sort of -- he was out of touch on foreign
4:28 am
policy and wasn't really capable of handling the presidency. >> one line can change everything and that's why tonight's debate is so important. brett o'donnell i'm sure will be speaking with you post-game tomorrow. have a good day. thanks so much. >> thanks to be with you. >> while you were sleeping, a terror plot busted. we are live with the developing details next. then watch out, marlin on board? a fish story you have to see to believe. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. [laughter] with the spark cash card from capital one,
4:29 am
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4:32 am
[ male announcer ] the volkswagen jetta. available with advanced keyless technology. control everything from your pocket, purse, or wherever. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ that dirt old egg-suckin' dog ♪ ♪ >> next time, honey, i'll get bait. they don't fight back. a group of fisherman tried to real him in. it's an angry sea. the marlin nearly sinking a charter boat in australia by jumping into it. nobody was seriously hurt. the huge fish would not stick around for long or give interviews. it jumped back in the water. >> it went back in the water.
4:33 am
>> when you are born with a sword you don't go down without a fight e has a sword on his nose. >> which he uses for what? >> to attack fishermen. everybody knows that. jacques couksteu talked about that years ago. >> you are thinking of the guy who cleaned up at your school, jacques custodian. >> yes, he was very good. and my races never looked better. >> a major terrorist plot dubbed. five suspects have been a rested for plot to go blow up shopping centers and hotels. we are live in washington with all the details. good morning. >> good morning to you, as well. it's born to note that jordan is a key u.s. ally in the middle east and israel's peace partner. it has been darked before with attacks. but the latest plot seems to be more ambitious in their planning.
4:34 am
the suspect had weapons aimed at inflicting the heaviest human loss as possible. jordan announcing the suspects were militants considered linked to al-qaeda, though it's still unclear exactly how close the militants were to actually carrying out the alleged attacks on western targets. the plot included assassinating western diplomats, attacking western diplomatic compounds, shopping malls, calf face and other people where people from the west gather in ahmad. they said the militants were armed and ready with explosives, mortors and rifles. jordan's intelligence community outlined the plot. the 11 suspects planned to set off. and explosions at two select shopping centers in west amman to draw a attention before setting off a series of malicious attacks on other diplomatic targets n the final
4:35 am
phase the alleged islamic militants were to attack diplomatic missions. and one thing to ask about this, the foiled plot, whether it was already in the planning stages before what taps in libya a month ago. jordan's security believes the suspects started plotting the attack in june and smuggled their weapons into jordan from neighboring syria. gretchen. >> kelly wright live for us from washington. thanks very much. >> and a new two guy in al-qaeda in yemen is alive according to al-qaeda terrorists in that government. they say the government is lying. they say he was killed in a drone strike last month, but in the message the militant claims the death is a rumor to cover up the killing of muslim civilians. the authenticity of the recording can't be verified, although most people don't really trust those guys. is the epa putting overdoes
4:36 am
earns of job-killing regulations until after the election. some say the epa has delayed or punted on numerous regulations while the president tries to get re-elected. however, if he wins, he says, those plans will move full speed ahead. the regulations on greenhouse gases would cause $300 billion to $400 billion a year and significantly increase the price of gasoline for your home and for your car. >> students in minnesota out of school for two years so teachers can play with dolls. the school was shut down because of the annual teachers union conference which this year included a seminar session with life-size dolls. teachers can practice skills. i think they do this conference every year during this period of time. >> meanwhile she spoke in front of thousands of people at the democratic national convention in charlotte, last month, but
4:37 am
sandra flux's latest audience, a far cry from thousands. according to pictures on twitter, the women rights activist delivered a search and seizure to about ten people in reno in an empty parking lot at a grocery store. fluke urged them to vote for barack obama for president. it was reported in the local paper days in advance. kind of a lousy turnout. >> i would think so. we begin your nfl roundup with a late game. here is what happened. one crucial play helped the steelers, who came into the game short five key players due to suspensions. bengals came out strong. but the steelers were getting it all together. they would fight hard and after a touchdown interception, ben roethlisberger would pull out the first home game win of the season. you are about to see it. final score 24-17. that was the same run again. best finish for the new york giants. no doubt about that. eli manning down by three. can you say up by 4?
4:38 am
77 yards, victor cruz was open, helping new york overcome a late touchdown. they beat the skins 27-23. something they could not do all last year. and the best comeback goes to the saints in a close game with the buccaneers. they held on to beat them after scoring 21 unanswered points, helping bring their second straight win. 35-28, final score. and we salute gretchen with this. the minnesota vikings were supposed to have a rebuilding year. no one told the vikings. adrian peterson was fan if i can and the vikings beat the cardinals. they started off so hot and played so cold, final score, 28-14. and the patriots and saints. he gets sacks, and they knee add touchdown or field goal to keep it going or win and fourth time in this season the patriots game was decided in the final two minutes of play. it worked in their favor. final score 29-26.
4:39 am
a lot of jets fans are saying we let that one get a way. >> let's talk about the game of president. because they are fighting for that one tonight in the last and final debate on foreign policy. in the meantime let's take a look at the policy. two weeks away -- the polls. two weeks away from the election, mitt romney is up by two points by the rasmussen poll. mitt romney 489% to president obama 47%. gallop has romney up and rasmussen does and the battlefield does. and the debate take place tonight at linn university in florida. when you look at some of the swing states, in particular, mitt romney up by 5 down there. >> using seniors and a shrinking hispanic advantage for president obama. >> surely. marco rubio, the senator from the gate state of florida was on the press yesterday talking about what's at play in the sunshine state. >> we always predicted it would go this way. two things happened the last couple weeks.
4:40 am
number one, the american people have got tone see in the room up-close as he offers his vision of the future and what he would do as president. but more startling is the president's complete failure to put forth an agenda for the next four years. you look at the statements he's been making on the campaign stump over the last 72 hours or even the last two weeks he doesn't talk about the future, he doesn't talk about his governing plan for the next four years. >> we asked him about women's contraception and as if he was mitt romney and how mitt romney was in the 50s with his references. >> let's go out to ohio, which is en incredibly important state. president obama up by 1, 49-48 over mitt romney. virginia, romney has inched ahead, 50 to 47 in that poll. >> and with women it's a closing gap. 8 point advantage for president obama and ten point advantage with men for mitt romney.
4:41 am
>> he has men at this point. meanwhile, if you stop showing up for work, should you still get paid? for some government workers the answer is yes. wait until you hear how you swing that deal. >> we don't have to be here. >> if you thought the hanging chad was bad, wait until you see the people in florida may have figured out a way to vote in other states as well. >> by remote control. >> and born on this day in 1938, gretchen kicked me in the shin, and something i did not know. just tell me, don't kick me in my shins. this actor got his start on the tv show "taxi." who is he? now this. >> give me a little help on this one. >> you forgot your last name? >> i've been busy. >> well, what was your father's name? >> ignakowski. >> maybe that's your name too? >> you know, i think you are
4:42 am
right. o has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of res? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. buy four select tires, get a $60 rebate. use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120. where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer.
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>> quick headlines. questions in beirut and other parts of lebanon, leaving two people dead and more than a dozen injured overnight, just hours after dozens of protesters stormed the government palace. sparked by a deadly car bombing sparked by what is happening in syria. and the department of education kept paying employees who stopped showing up for work forasmuch as twelve months. that's according to an investigation. some teachers headache more than $100,000 a year and don't go. steve doesn't even make that in a year. >> but that's not topic. thank you, brian. if you thought the hanging chad was bad, just wait. some people in florida may have found a way to vote twice in another state. joining us the co-author of who is counting, how fraud centers and bureaucrats put your vote at risk. john joins us from sacramento. john, how many people out there
4:46 am
are registered to vote twice? >> three million, according to the pugh research center of the states. there's nothing that takes you off the voter rolls in you go to another state. you can register in as many states as you want and you can vote in more than one fairly easily. >> there is no nation data base and why? >> because the federal government hasn't really provided the states with adequate resources so some of the states are finally coming together. there are about 20 states from are cooperating with lists, but it doesn't catch every one. last month a democratic congressional nominee in maryland had to resign her position because it turned out she was voting in both florida and maryland where she was a candidate. >> for the people who are watching right now and are registered to vote, for instance, in new york and perhaps florida, as well, what
4:47 am
sort of -- what sort of trouble are they looking at if they get caught? >> well, you really don't get caught because if there's no database, no one is going to find out. and normally how it's done is you vote in one state and you cast an absentee ballot this the other state. an absentee ballot could be sent to your address in new york city, for example, and you can send it back to florida. this really does happen. the new york daily news a few years ago found 46,000 people in new york city were also registered to vote in florida, and between 400 and 1,000 had actually voted had the same election in both states. the problem with that is this. florida in 2000 decided the whole presidential election by 547 votes. so even a few people double voting in a couple states can swing a whole election. >> as i understand it, before you go, once a person has cast a vote, even if they have been convicted of something, it still counts? >> if you don't stop voter fraud before election day, once it is
4:48 am
voted and it is a secret ballot, you can't pull the vote back and the election can be stolen. >> john told me something in the commercial, there's a big story coming up in the week regarding voter fraud, and he's going to be joining us later on in the week. john, thank you very much for joining us from sacramento, california. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, a dozen minutes before the top of the hour. terror attack or workplace shooting. the white house still going with workplace shooting to industry the massacre at fort hood. up next a guy who was shot six times, he's going to terror attack as most of us are. but first on this date in history back in 1991, emotions by mariah carey. number one song this america. ♪ [ male announcer ] inside the v8 taste lab. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though,
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4:52 am
>> the trivia question. the winner is deanna linky of rhode island. >> today nearly three years later the 32 survivors who were also shot can't understand why the government still hasn't classified this as a terrorist attack. >> he got up, stepped in front of me as i was signing soldiers in. >> he started yelling. >> approaching the scene, approximately two blocks out, i could just see soldiers running in all different directions. >> the first round of bullets, one hit me in the chest. i had to go down to the ground to get cover, and i obviously couldn't breathe because i had been shot. >> the obama administration's decision to label this attack as workplace violence means these people won't be eligible for
4:53 am
benefits, even though they were wounded while serving our country. >> incredible. and one of the men you saw in the video was shot six times at fort hood and joins us live. staff sergeant, you must be flabbergasted by this? >> yes, i am. it had been a long process. we've been fighting for at least two years to try to get something done. we thought initially the army and the d. o. d. was going to do the right thing and take care of those involved. >> so explain to us what this means as far as the difference in benefits. i understand that the benefits are different if you were severely wounded on the battlefield, so you want this to be labeled as such so that you can receive what? >> it makes a difference in retirement benefits as far as offset of your disability versus your retirement pay. in my situation i have lost tens of thousands of dollars in
4:54 am
differential pay because the shooting actually disqualified me from receiving differential pay because i'm a federal civilian and a reservist, and typically if i lose pay they pay that difference but the shooting disqualified me from that. >> along with all the physical and emotional pain you received and the fact this guy was one big red flag ready to explode and nobody picked up on, it here's the army's response." >> that is absolutely ridiculous. the other thing is what about a purple heart? you guys don't qualify for a purple heart either? >> yeah, any kind of a war zone or combat zone awards, i mean, you know, there are other guys there, other soldiers that tried to take down the shooter and would have been eligible for other things that you receive in
4:55 am
combat or as far as war zones or like bronze stars and things like that and they don't get that as well. >> i know when you heard about the situation in libya with four americans being killed there, including our ambassador and other members of the military, that you thought what? >> it seemed like the same old narrative coming back again because, you know, this has been fresh in my mind for the last three years. the fact that there's been such a reluctance to label this as an act of terrorism. you know, it was like everything is happening all over again. i saw the same thing that we've been seeing for the last three years. >> he was radicalized by a guy in yemen, who cad calizes almost everyone in that region, and you end up paying the price and others. it's islamic extremism and attacking americans in the west.
4:56 am
and you are paying the price. i hope it works out. we want to keep in touch with you. >> thank you. and thank you for having me. >> staff sergeant sean manning, army retired now who was injured in that fort hood shooting. thanks much. >> can mitt romney channel president ronald reagan's son to win the election some he said yes. michael reagan is here next, next hour. >> the picture you will think about all day. nothing will stop this world war ii veteran from casting his vote. the photo coming up next hour.
4:57 am
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4:59 am
good morning, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. today is monday, october 22nd, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us. the final presidential
5:00 am
debate is hours away. the focus this time is foreign policy. can mitt romney get ahead in an area considered a strong point for president obama. we're live with the latest details. speaking of foreign policy, internationally there's a damaging new report on what really happened in libya. it's not quite the story that the white house has been peddling to us. yes, and parents, have your kids look at the tv right now. you heard me, right now. it's the most awesome lesson in patriotism. that's a 93-year-old world war ii veteran who will stop at nothing to cast his vote. we'll tell you that story because "fox & friends" starts right now. [ music ] good morning, everyone. hope you had a fantastic weekend. now it's full steam ahead because in two weeks, we will have the presidential election as well as many senatorial and congressional elections as well there's the debate stage for tonight.
5:01 am
will this determine who will end up being the winner? this is out of boca raton, florida. >> the moderator, bob schieffer, has five topics. there will be six sections, 15 minutes each. he'll talk about the changing middle east and libya. he'll talk about america's role in the world, afghanistan, and deadline for -- the deadline to stop the surge and everything like that. the red lines when it comes to iran and israel among the topics. i think he'll probably let them get personal at the end. he does not want to play a major role in this debate. that's his goal. >> yeah. unlike candy crowley who said she was going to be a little more activist and she was indeed. that didn't work out very well. it's interesting a couple months ago when both sides sat down to do the negotiations for tonight's debate, foreign policy, the conventional wisdom was that the guy, the commander-in-chief, the president had an advantage. then, of course, libya happened. suddenly when you look at the
5:02 am
polls -- >> and syria, too. >> and iraq and iran and israel and russia as well. when you look at the polls regarding foreign affairs, the president of the united states had had a 15-point lead. now they are only four points apart as they head into lynn university. >> one of the main reasons could be the situation in libya. six weeks ago our ambassador and three other brave souls were killed there, and the big question now is what more information are we going to find out before the election? maybe even before the debate tonight? over the weekend a flurry of activity from both sides, republicans and democrats, about what exactly what happened including this. apparently a u.s. drone was actually watching at least the last half of the attack because it went on for hours. if you have a u.s. drone there watching down, seeing everything happening in real-time, then a lot of people would scratch their heads and wonder how you come out with all these different analyses of exactly what went down. also, they say that witnesses say the attack was strong, it
5:03 am
was multi-pronged, and organized with machine guns and rpgs and beinof course, the requests for security were ignored. to me, what's so heartbreaking now, in the flurry of all this paperwork and he said, she said is the lives of these four people and the fact that on that day, on september 11th, the ambassador there screen left, chris stephens, asked repeatedly but specifically as well on september 11th, on the day he died, he asked for more security to come in and those requests were ignored. >> here's what gary burtson told cbs. they stood and they watched and hour people died, and now we know there's a tape out there, evidently, that most people want to see. especially the oversight committee and most americans want to see exactly what happened. the cia said within 24 hours we told everyone woul what would h. david petraeus gave a briefing to lawmakers saying we could have bee had a spontaneous atta.
5:04 am
>> the president a couple of days on the daily show said as soon as information comes out, we share it with american people. all right. let's see the taken. let's see exactly what happened. let's see it with our own two eyes. since four americans died, you've got to scratch your head and say all those guys with rpgs, all those explosions, why didn't they call in a counter strike? why didn't somebody drive another drone over with a hellfire missile? we were talking earlier about the situation in libya which is a big mess. >> i will tell you, though, that in testimony before the house oversight committee, we did hear from charlene lamb that there was a 50-minute video. we believe we should be able to see that video. either in a classified or unclassified setting. they said they could witness this in quote, unquote, real-time. people knew what was happening and when it was going down. this is not something that needed to be sorted over the days afterwards. if we don't ask hard questions,
5:05 am
if we weren't doing this investigation, if darrell issa wasn't help to lead the charge here and myself and others, if we weren't actually pressing the envelope, would we know this? we were led to believe for a couple weeks this was some video gone awry, somebody went to blockbuster and got some video and hey, everybody got mad. >> it's all about every word, though, tonight during the debate, too, because if you take a look back at president obama when he went on the daily show, he called the libya deaths not optimal. on a 60 minutes interview, he called the situation there bumps in the road speaking of the protests going on throughout the middle east, and then mitt romney also found himself in difficult territory during the last debate with the help of the moderator spewing things that weren't necessarily true, but every word will count tonight, and you've got to wonder in the preparations, specifically about libya, how both candidates are preparing to make sure they say exactly the right words. >> and not get too gummed up in the details where people don't think of the big picture. i think mitt romney's got two things to do, take the president
5:06 am
down a peg when it comes to foreign policy and let everyone know there's an alternative point of view and let america know whether sh they should feel comfortable with him or not, knowing he has no direct foreign policy experience which hasn't stopped a lot of leaders we've had in the past including governor ronald reagan. they named an airport after him. that was an indication because democrats voted for that. i think he's got to make it clear. here's my policy, here's where i'm different, and look statsman like at the same time. maybe not being as confrontational with president obama. >> right. i think we're going to get a little taste right now of the approach that governor romney's going to take tonight because the romney campaign just released a statement, and its entitled we can't afford four more years of obama's foreign policy. the other thing he's got to do tonight. >> we'v he has to simply look presidential. if you watched the first two and if you watched the al smith dinner the other night, he certainly passed that. you know what's interesting?
5:07 am
with the not optimal bumps in the road regarding four people dead, what did the president of the united states say regarding the youtube video? he called it crude and disgusting, an insult, big onot. where was the kind of language like that regarding the deaths of those four americans? >> maybe we'll hear that on the leno show later this week. probably not. anyway, the president will make another appearance and we've been saying this morning that we think it may be a little bit of a dicey decision just based on the foreign policy situations that we're facing right now because it's tough to mix comedy with a really serious issue when you have four americans dead and a lot of unanswered questions. i mean, how do you really draw that fine line? as we just mentioned, on the daily show he called it not optimal, and if you're a member of one of those families, of one of the four that died, you probably have a different way of
5:08 am
describing it. >> chris smith's mom was outraged. i read some of her comments in the paper. it's tough to do this. he'll have brian williams following him around another three days to go to an nbc show. they'll be somewhat friendly. jay leno asks some real questions. >> he does. >> he was off his game on the daily show in that he was abilityinactingas if this was an appearance. it just looked like two people missing each over. >> you've got to wonder whether or not the white house schedulers and the campaign schedulers put the l. leno show two days after the debate as almost a rebuttal, just in case they've got to put out any fires. he's going to jay on wednesday. he'll be on your tv right here on fox tonight at 9:00 along with mitt romney. new details about a fox news alert we've been following this morning. a shooting spree inside a wisconsin spa where three were killed. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, gretchen. police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened yesterday, but they do say this,
5:09 am
that this was the work of a single shooter and that that single shooter was 45-year-old radcliffe haughton. now, apparently haughton had a restraining order against him to keep him separated from his estranged wife who worked at the spa where the shooting took place yesterday, all playing out about 11:00 yesterday morning. that's when 9-1-1 calls started going out saying that someone with a gun was inside of the building. in the aftermath of cleaning up and a fire that was there, police found three women shot and killed, and haughton himself killed apparently from a self inflicted gunshot wound. four other women were wiewned and taken to area hospitals. now, neighbors of haughton when he got the news were stunned to find out who it was that was behind the shooting. have a listen. >> very unusual. i can't -- we just seen the picture and we said god, that is
5:10 am
haughton. we seen a picture of him. we knew him. we first met his wife and earlies. you never know until you know. pretty unusual for a fellow like that. i always thought he was -- my impregnant him was impression ol nice kid. >> whether o still unanswered ir the estranged wife of the shooter was among those wounded or shot and killed. it doesn't appears that she's among the wounded. we have the ages of those folks that were shot and wounded, and currently hospitalized. thithey don't seem to match up h zena how tan. we don't have the names of any of those shot and killed inside. it appears this is domestic violence. that's what police have said throughout their public statements in the aftermath of this particular shooting. what specifically may have triggered this entire incident is unknown. again, there was a restraining order, and it is our understanding that radclif radce haughton after being served the order was supposed to turn in all weapons that he had
5:11 am
possessed. gretchen? >> all right. a terrible story. thanks very much, steve brown live for us this morning. to the rest of your headlines and a fox news alert. lance armstrong learning an hour ago he will be stripped of his seven tour de france titles, the ruling coming from the international cycling union after a report accused o him of leading a massive doping program. the decision paves the way for his name to be removed from the record book, erasing his consecutive victories from 1999 to 2005. there will be no official winner of those races. brand new audio recording out this morning claims the al-qaeda number two in yemen is alive. al-qaeda terrorists say the government's claim that he was killed in a drone strike last month is not true. in the message, the militant claims the death is a rumor to cover up the killings of muslim civilians. the authenticity of the recording cannot be verified. police trying to figure out what caused a football fan to fall 30 feet from an escalator at met life stadium in new
5:12 am
jersey. the 42-year-old now in critical condition after leaving the giants-redskins game last night. witnesses were horrified. they say he came crashing down onto a metal stage. it's a picture everyone will be talking about today, nothing will stop this world war ii veteran from casting his vote. this is 93-year-ol 93-year-old k tenaba. he has a cancerous tumor in his liver that cannot be removed. his daughter said he's determined to vote, asking all the time when the ballot will arrive in the mail. she kept telling him don't worry, it's coming. he filled it out immediately when it arrived on wednesday. she read the names of the candidates out loud, and frank either nodded yes to the names or shook his head. she says he knew what he was doing. he kept up on the issues reading newspapers regularly. an that should be an inspiring photo for all the young people who think it doesn't matter if you actually go out and old people to go out and vote. its important. >> let's get 80% appearances of the voters. >> wouldn't that be nice. >> that would be great.
5:13 am
>> if you don't vote, you can't complain. >> there's a good reason there. coming up next, you thought $5 a gallon gas was bad, right? something happened overnight that could send prices soaring again. >> that's right. ronald reagan's son said romney can defeat obama by, quote, using my dad's strategy. michael reagan here next to explain. >> next tuesday all of you will go to the polls and stand there in the polling place and make a decision. i think when you make that decision, it might be well if you would ask yourself. are you better off than you were four years ago? and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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5:16 am
>> next tuesday all of you will go to the polls and stand there in the polling place and make a decision. i think when you make that decision, it might be well if you would ask yourself. are you better off than you were four years ago? >> people weren't, and he won.
5:17 am
ronald reagan's performance in the 1980 presidential debate sent him soaring ahead of jimmy carter to landslide victory. >> as president reagan helped restore an economy as challenge as we face now, michael reagan has advice for mitt romney. follow my dad's lead. good morning to you, michael. >> good morning to you. >> in what specific ways should mitt romney follow your father? >> mitt romney needs to stand up for not only his record as a businessman there at bain capital or the application and what have you but also needs to really point out what this administration has done to this country. the only people really better off today than they were four years ago is ban bank barack obd joe biden. nobody else is better off when you look at 23 million people underemployed or unemployed, if you look at $5 trillion in debt. nobody is better off in this country. he needs to just harp on that from now until election day to make sure that people understand
5:18 am
what this president has done to the economy of this country. >> we simply cannot afford four more years of barack obama. that's what the romney campaign says they'll hammer. >> absolutely right. i remember bill clinton at the convention saying the economy was so bad, neither he or any of his predecessors could have fixed it. ronald reagan fixed the economy in three years. >> that's right. >> he was reelected because he had fixed the economy. barack obama is saying give me four more years to do what i did the first time? i don't think so. >> i remember with your father, and the debate against jimmy carter, one of the things he said was that jimmy carter has wasted four years trying to figure out what leadership around the world is all about, and you've got to have peace through strength. >> oh, absolutely right. you've got to have peace through strength. of course, the debate tonight is on foreign policy. you know, i would hope that mitt romney would ask the president of the united states what do you think of prime minister malachi of iraq saying to your
5:19 am
vice-president no when the vice-president asked that they quit using iraqi air space to fly weaponry from iran to syria and see 30 to 40,000 people dead? i'd like to have him ask the prime minister why you signed an agreement with russia to buy five and a half billion dollars worth of weapons, part of them being war planes from russia, not the united states of america, where our treasure, our blood has been spent. >> one of the things you think is really important which is sometimes for mitt romney is troubling to talk about is his accomplishments. you think he should broadcast these loud and clear. >> he needs to stand up what he's done. he's asked to go to bain capital to create wealth for people. he did that. he was asked to go to utah and fix the olympics that were mired in trouble. he did that. he's an accomplished man. stand up for your accomplishments. america has a choice on election day, a failed presidency or an accomplished businessman. right now we need jobs to get
5:20 am
the economy going. we need somebody who's created jobs, somebody who understands the economy and puts america back to work. >> ronald or michael, real quickly before you go. mitt romney has been described as looking very presidential in the previous two debates, some have said reaganesque. would you go with that? >> he's look doggone good. w>> michael, thanks for joining us from the city of angels. the fight for florida will be a close one. coming up next, the four factors that could swing that race. governor mike huckabee knows them well. he's on deck. then, you think you've got a nasty neighbor? take a look at this guy chucking eggs, and that's not all. all caught on camera sadly for him. kaboom with the window.
5:21 am
[ music ]
5:22 am
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>> 24 minute after the top of the hour, quick headlines for you now. oil prices on the rise after deadly violence in lebanon sparks fears of unrest in the middle east. oil up 50 cents to 90.55 a barrel. new jersey governor chris christie lending his political powerhouse to republican candidate for senate linda mcmahon in connecticut. he'll make three stops for her in that state. he says more strong, independent voices like mcmahon's are needed in washington. now to the fight for florida, one of the most important swing states in the nation. brand new fox news polls show governor mitt romney gaining strength in the key battleground state. 45% of floridaance back romney.
5:25 am
what's working in florida? how is mitt romney pulling this off to this point? joining us now, a man who knows a lot of about politics and other stuff with a great background drop. governor, what is mitt romney finding that the people of florida are suddenly listening to? >> well, let me tell you. i think mitt romney is going to carry florida. i'm going to just tell you that i believe barring something major, he is going to win florida for four reasons, and that is, first of all, there's been a huge shift in the state in women voters. that's been a huge thing. it's been about a 19-point swing. the second reason is military. both retired as well as active duty. it's a huge state for military, and there is an incredibly strong support for mitt romney. the third reason is seniors which may surprise a lot of people, but i think people who are seniors are smart enough to have gotten where they are and they understand that, you know,
5:26 am
the balloon juice that's been pushed on them by obama that tells them that somehow they're going to lose all their benefits, they know $716 billion was cut from medicare in obama care, not by romney, and then the final thing, jewish voters. romney won't win all the jewish voters, but he's gaining ground largely due to a very effective effort by a group called secure america now that is really reminding people of the differences between romney and obama as it relates to national security and israel. >> all right. that's florida. there's a poll that came out this morning about ohio that has president obama up by five now in ohio. i know that these polls change day to day, but that will not be good news for mitt romney today. how does he get over this hump in ohio as he has in florida? >> you know, i do think there's going to be again an intense effort toward the jewish voters in ohio, not as large as florida, but i also believe that
5:27 am
in these final days, a lot of people in ohio are going to ask themselves are they better off? the truth is they're not. even though the unemployment rate has been better, it's largely due to the efforts of the governor, not because barack obama and his economic policies have been effective in ohio. >> you know, governor, tonight everybody is looking forward to the exchange regarding libya since the topic is foreign affairs, and at the last one, many regard what the president said as quite a whopper where he said you know the day after i said it was an act of terror which when you look at all of his comments, he was speaking more broadly about t terror andn specific about 9/11/2001. how does mitt romney handle libya tonight? >> you know, steve, my dad used to tell me. he was not an educated man but he was pretty wise old guy. he said son, if you just tell the truth, you don't have to remember what you said the last time. i'm afraid what's going on with
5:28 am
barack obama, he can't remember what he said the last time he had a story. that's part of the problem with the changing narrative. what mitt romney needs to do is not press just on benghazi but the broader issue of the fact that this administration simply does not want to call terrorism what it is. if i were romney, i would push hard and ask him tell me. was fort hood terrorism? whawas little rock and the shoog of that soldier outside the recruiting terrorism? it's a yes or no question. don't nuance it. tell me yes or no. that's a hard point he needs to make. >> he gets in trouble when he asks barac president obama ques. in the overall section, how does he sell himself as credible on foreign policy and going after the last four years? how would you do this? >> i think mitt has done a great job. one of the things he's been able to do is point out that the strategy of the obama administration which has been let's appease and play the flute and charm the snake into the basket has not worked.
5:29 am
the snake is out of the basket and is biting us every day. mitt romney is showing if that's experience, we could use somebody new with a different version of how to deal with the cry sees of the world. >> governor mike huckabee, joining us from the florida panhandle on his ver ran da. governor, thank you very much for joining us live today. >> always a pleasure. thank you, guys. >> thank you, sir. >> those are the most incredible pictures from the last 100 years and now they can be yours. national geographic for sale ... next. then we asked you what do you want to hear from the candidates in tonight's final debate at lynn university? your e-mail pouring in. we're reading them allowed a ale roll on live from new york city. [ music ] hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness
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at red lobster. the's so many choices, the guests lovet! [ male announcer ] don't miss endless shrimp, just $14.99! try as much as y like, anyway you like. like new teriyaki grilled shrimp. offer ends soon! my name is angela trapp, and i sea food differently. >> don't worry about injuries, dad. >> it's your shot of the morning. mitt romney yesterday cheering on his staff before they took on reporters in a flag football game. romney taking a break from debate prep in florida to officiate the coin toss. the final score of the game? a 14-14 tie. it immediately went to the house
5:34 am
of representatives. >> i like the ray lewis pep talk. don't worry about injuries, guys. >> i thought he said where is governor chris christie when you need him? >> he said he was the front line in a very nice way, of course. let's look at what you think is going to happen tonight at this last and final debate on foreign policy between president obama and mitt romney. debbie in arkansas asks this question. as the mom of two sons on two different military bases, i want to know how optimal is the security of our nation's defenders today. of course, she's picking up on the word optimal where the president on the jon stewart show recently called the deaths in benghazi not optimal. >> steve, you do a good carol. >> male or female? >> we'll find out. >> okay. thank very much. carol in texas writes who made the policy to deny increasingd security for the libyan ambassador? what were the reasons behind this decision? were there any plans to remove him from danger? why was there no asi assistancet immediately from nb nearby?
5:35 am
you know, carol, that question was asked by that guy who asked about libya. he said who made the determination no more security? they could take another bite at the apple, but chances are he wouldn't answer it then, either. >> okay. eddie in south carolina says hey, how about this? how are you going to deal with the debt to china? >> actually, that is the fifth and final segment. bob shiefer schieffer, it's my understanding, delineated the five different segments. china happens to be the last one. many people feel as far as the future of the nation and the money woes that that's very important and number two, one of the reasons you bring domestic policy into the discussion tonight even though you're not supposed to. you'll probabl probably be ablen you talk about kind. >> i believe the first person who says you can't have a foreign policy without a strong economy, that will be a pretty good statement. president obama set to sit down with jay leno on wednesday night. that's not sitting well with donald trump. he joined us earlier on "fox &
5:36 am
friends". >> i think it will be an extremely soft interview, very soft, and i'm sure they already have that understanding, understanding,frankly. is it a mistake, i think it's more of a mistake because everybody else on television will be angry that he's doing it. the president will mark his fifth appearance on the tonight show and the third since he became president. major terror plot dubbed 9/11 two in jordan. men reportedly planned to bomb shopping centers and hotels and attack embassies. the suspect smugd weapons and bombs in from syria and got help from al-qaeda operatives in iraq. the attack was planned for november on the seventh anniversary of the bombing in jordan. >> i believe it's spreading. >> meanwhile, think you have a bad neighbor? try this guy on for size. he was busting chucking eggs, burning grass, and throwing
5:37 am
rocks through car windows. cops in miami arrested mitchell gelko for criminal miss chief, saying he ha harassed his neighr for more than a year. thanks to surveillance videos like this, kaboom, they were able to catch one of the world's worst neighbors. the national geographic society has documented our history through photos for more than 100 years. now these pieces of art are going on sale. this is a portrait of admiral robert perry on his 1908 expedition to the north pole. here's another up for sale. charles bittinger's view of the earth from the moon. it's among 240 pieces up for grabs at auction in december. it's expected to bring in at least $3 million. >> if you get me in the grab bag, i'd like the moon one. >> you mean for the secret santa? >> that's what i'm thinking. if you pull out my name. >> i already bought beer. >> last year the pocket chair just as expensive.
5:38 am
that was from lauren. their tax rates are already high, among the highest in the nation. guess what? now california voters are facing two more tax hikes this november. william la jeunesse joins us live with details on the issues. pay up. >> reporter: yeah. imagine, brian, paying 52 cents of every dollar that you earn to the government. that will be the combined federal and state income tax rate for the top three% of tack pairers in california if the president's tax plan is approved along with that's right% tax increase -- long with a 30% tax increase from governor jerry brown. >> we're asking the highest earners to ma pay more to keep r economy strong. >> reporter: the governor says californians need to may more. >> it's either massive cuts to the schools and colleges or the most blessed and the most well off paying one or two or three percent more. >> reporter: if it sounds
5:39 am
familiar ... >> i also want to ask the wealthiest house holds in america to pay spliel slightly r taxes. >> reporter: brown took a page from the obama playbook. their fair share means the top one percent will pay up to 13% of their salary in state income taxes. roughly one half of the state's income tax revenue. it also satellite raises the sales tax -- slightly raises the sales tax. >> we already rank number one in all 50 states in state sales tax and we have the second highest income tax rate. >> reporter: brown's prop 30 isn't the only tax increase facing voters. prop 38 raises income taxes on all taxpayers, not just the wealthy. critics oppose both both. >> it's like given a choice between the gas chamber and the electric chair. both are detrimental to the economy and will drive more businesses and jobs out of state rot pollstate.
5:40 am
>> reporter: polypolypollspollsh measures are in trouble. both increases are supported by the teachers and public employee unions, yet despite that, $70 million in advertising in support of these tax increases, both are below 50%. why, brian? analysts say many people believe the schools need the money. they just don't trust sacramento to spend it effectively. thank you. >> we've heard that before. william la jeunesse, thanks very much. >> he seems to be the only one left there. >> i know. no one can afford to stay. meanwhile, next on the rundown, i've worked it out. a damaging new report on what really happened in libya, and it's not quite the story the administration has been peddling, so what else has the white house been hiding? the senator leading the investigation joins us next. yep. then here's what you should never do during a police chase.
5:41 am
boom. how is that guy? details straight ahead. [ music ] [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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straight from the microwave. like oven-roasted chicken in a creamy alfredo sauce. marie callender's new comfort bakes. it's time to savor. 44 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines for you. taxpayers shelled out billions to save aig an the company's ceo wants a pat on the back. he said the inconsiderate feds failed to say thank you after his company repaid the largest government bailout in history. the video will make your heart stop. watch this. whoa. innocent pedestrian nailed by car going full speed, the driver trying to escape police. more incredible, after the man was hit, he bounced off the windshield and walked away,
5:45 am
apparently unharmed. no word on what happened to the driver. guys? >> thanks, gretch. several startling new reports are out showing the united states was anything but prepared for the terrorist attack on our consulate in benghazi. >> that has lawmakers on capitol hill wonder what other information is being held back from the american people. south carolina senator lindsey graham has wondered the same thing and is acting on it. he's asking questions as a member of the armed services committee. as this thing unfolds, we found out now and you probably knew already but there was a drone scramble to take video of this site. how does that change things? >> well, at the end of the day, this was september the 11th, right? a day of heightened concern throughout the world. name a place more vulnerable than benghazi, libya. for seven hours plus this consulate was attacked, and all we could do is send a drone over to take photos? there was no ground forces available to get there with than
5:46 am
seven hours on september 11th and no air power available? i find that stunning and disappointing. you could see this coming from a mile away. the place had been deteriorating for months. it's just another failure in a series of failures. >> senator right now you're in boca, the site of tonight's foreign policy debate between mitt romney and barack obama. at some point tonight mitt romney -- regarding libya. at some point mitt romney should turn to the president and say what about it? >> did you know that our consulate was attacked in april, mr. president? did you know it was again attacked in june, blowing a hole in the wall that 40 people could penetrate? were you aware of the fact that the british decided to leave benghazi because it was too dangerous? were you aware of the fact that the red cross office was attacked and they decided to close and the french left? were you aware of the fact that al-qaeda was coming back in droves into benghazi, the al-qaeda was flying over libyan government offices?
5:47 am
why did you not do anything about this? why did you not close the consulate or heavily reinforce it, mr. president? what were you doing between april and september? >> at the same time you have other people like david axelrod and people like thomas friedman saying that the libya controversy is utterly con drived. your reaction? >> well, was the attack in april inspired by video? was the june attack inspired by video? no. what's contrived is the effort by some media outlets to cover up one of the biggest national security failures in modern times. this was a failure before benghazi, during the attack itself, an after. it's been an effort to mislead to keep the narrative going that al-qaeda's been dismantled. if you believe, in fact, al-qaeda-inspired militia attacked this conflict using mortars and heavy weapons, so much for that narrative. what's been contrived is the story of explaining the attack. there's the disconnect between
5:48 am
the world as it exists and being explained barack obama. there's a dangerous disconnect between the obama's administration characterization of the world and the way it exists. >> it sounds as if you think mitt romney can win this tonight. >> absolutely. in many ways the foreign policy decisions of this president, leading from behind, scaring our friends, emboldening our enemies make him look like a genius. al-qaeda in iraq has doubled in size. syria is a contagion affecting the whole middle east. he has made very poor choice. if he continues to undercut commanders advice in afghanistan, i'm certain there's going to be a request to enforce in afghanistan. he never gave them enough troops, and pulling the surge forces out in september was a political decision, not a military decision. >> senator lindsey graham, sounds like you coul could do te
5:49 am
debate tonight. governor romney will go shoulder to shoulder sitting at a desk with bob schieffer staring at him with president obama. it should be exciting. thanks for joining us. coming up next, he said mitt romney was at a low point just a few weeks ago. that's how the race has been sliding away, so what does michael goodwin think now, the man who voted for president obama in 2008? up next, we'll talk about mitt romney's momentum. let's check in with bill hemmer and find out what he did this weekend but what he has planned for the show. >> the weekend was so action-packed. it would take more than two hours. >> just talk about the show, then. >> right on. morning to both of you and thank you. just like you were talking about with libbed se lind see lindsey. we have new apology numbers, a killer lineup. karl rove and john sununu. it's an important week in
5:50 am
america. martha and i will see you in 11 minutes here on america's newsroom. oh no, not a migraine now. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula.
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he is a former obama supporter who called mitt romney a good loser. but this week michael goodwin says that will help him win this election. new york post columnist and fox news contributor michael goodwin is here. by the way, his articles are now on so wait a minute. topsy-turvy. you didn't like mitt romney's performance and now you do. where are you today? >> look. google into the first debate i asked mitt are you a good loser? are you quietly accepting defeat? are you happy enough that you got the nomination, sort of like you got into the super bowl, you don't really care if you win the super bowl because just by getting there you're happy. that's the way it looked until october 3rd. he was taking all kinds of
5:54 am
punches, wasn't hitting back, didn't seem to have a clear strategy. they said they were happy where they were which is three or four points down nationally. you go into the first debate the same day i asked the question, and in hybri behind site behin . we're seeing a whole different candidate, more confident, much more aggressive candidate. when they take the stage tonight for the third debate, it seems to me that mitt romney is not only prepared to lose, he's determined to win. >> so in essence, then, your conclusion is that he's not a good loser because he has something within him that hates to lose, correct? >> it was just the old line, the vince lombardi line. show me a good loser and i'll show you a loser. mitt romney, i think as i said, was trending that way, but no longer. he now looks like a winner, he acts like a winner, and i think that's contagious. i think people pick up on that. people pick up on the confidence, they pick up on the
5:55 am
sense of he's not just running for president, he's being presidential. all those things i think are important because they go to how people see a candidate, the transformation from challenger to a real likely winner. >> also during these debates, it's maybe the first time a lot of people have seen a candidate other than the negative advertising. >> sure. >> one of the ways in which he improved with one group of voters, i think was with women because they saw him in a bigger light at those debates other than just one issue like contraception or birth control. he is still down, though, in the polls with women. in your respectful opinion, what does he need to do? >> well, look. there's a lot of talk that he has to be more likeable and kind of softer in some ways. i don't really think that's the answer. i think that what people are looking for in a president is not a buddy, but somebody they trust. somebody they're willing to say this person can lead the country because most people don't want tto be paying attention to it every day. they want to give the job to somebody they trust to do the job. i think right now president
5:56 am
obama has a trust deficit among the public. when you look at these polls, for example, the "wall street journal", and nbc news poll, the president got 53% of the vote four years ago. he's now getting 47%. i mean, that' that drop is realy about trust and performance. i think mitt romney has an opportunity to fill in that gap, to show as he has been since october 3rd that he is presidential. tonight i think in this final debate i think the cliff is not so high any more. he has more to lose by overplaying the debate. i think he simply has to stand on the stage and be solid and be presidential again, and i think he'll do very well. >> michael goodwin, new york post cleanuppist, fox news contributor, and more of your debate questions two minutes away. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
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